Our Pastor

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Paul was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.  He had a desire to serve God as a Missionary Doctor from the age of at least five.  This desire on his heart lasted till year 11 High School when he failed Chemistry, a pre-requisite for Medicine.  This turned out to be a blessing for the world as he realised later in life that he was not cut out for blood and guts and related things!  His desire to be a missionary died with the inability to get into Medicine.

His High School Accounting Teacher encouraged him to consider a career in Accounting.  Paul took her advice and earned a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from RMIT University.  He worked in banking & finance, including six years for the borrowing arm of the Victorian Government, VicFin.  During this time, Paul heard God’s call for mission work.  He left VicFin and went to Korea for two and a half years as a Missionary English Teacher.  He then attended Seminary, completing a Master of Divinity at the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines.

Paul’s ministry includes serving as a Pastor in various districts totaling thirteen churches in country Victoria and the city of Melbourne.  He also served five and a half years as a missionary in Mongolia.  His passion is cross cultural and multicultural teaching and preaching and introducing people to God through The Bible.

People generally agree that the best thing about Paul is his wife Miyong.  She is Korean and they met while both were studying at AIIAS.  With her gracious and godly spirit, she smooths things over in the churches in Paul’s wake.  They have two awesome adult boys, Christian and Samuele.

Paul is neither an “in demand preacher” nor a “sought after conference speaker” and he hasn’t written any books.  His videos are also barely viewed which you can easily see why by clicking here.  He therefore can make time if you would like to explore knowing God through The Bible.

                Paul is not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other form of social media.  He is however very approachable and you are welcome to contact him by email, Pastor@rlsda.org.au, or meet and hear him at Rowville-Lysterfield Church on the first and fourth Sabbath (Saturday) of every month.